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Friday, October 7, 2016

Always Daddy's Little Girl

       Suatu kali gw denger lagu. Awalnya lagu ini terdengar samar. Tapi semakin gw perhatikan semakin gw tertarik dengan lagu ini.

       Lagu ini mengisahkan soal isi hati seorang ayah yang akan melepas putri kesayangannya demi menikah dengan pria yang di pilihnya. Mungkin gw terlalu muluk untuk berharap bokap akan nyanyiin lagu ini di hari pernikahan gw. Tapi gw yakin jauh di dalam lubuk hatinya, ini akan menjadi ungkapan dia yang mendalam.

       I wish you could sing this song for me dad.

"..I always knew this day would come
And now it’s finally here
A dancing with a princess
Her eyes filled with that sweetness and a smile
I’ve loved for years
I remember when I held you that first time
Tears of joy were in my eyes
I watch you as you grew, saw you love life and new
You were special and the special man would one day marry you

And today (Yesterday) the day prince charming took your hand
Now you began your ever after
I know the God is smiling as you start your life together
Sharing Jesus with your world
I’m so glad to see the women you’ve became
And I know you’ll remember this fairytale September
And I hope you know that you forever be
A princess and a beautiful bride
And celestial always be daddy’s little girl to me.."

 No matter how much we had fight, but for me you're always my best man. You're always a daughter's first love. And I'm still your princess.

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