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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Someone, Random, Fun

 Just for fun.. If you want to try.. just try this..
 And you'll found so much fun...

choose random 21 people that is in your mind right now...
tag those 21 person you mention... :D
you can tag me back if you want... :p

1. Bella
2. Inggrid
3. K' Dbee
4. Sabeth
5. Ellyne
6. Winda
7. May
8. Dian
9. Jojor
10. Olyne
11. Agnes
12. Jepri
13. Agus
14. Revan
15. Edmond
16. David
17. Shaly
18. Sandra
19. Gwenth
20. Chloe
21. gispa

1. How did you meet 1?
diruang setrikaan NDG lantai 3...smbil nyetrika..hehehe

2. What would you do if you never met 15?
nyari cwe yah??kq gak pernah kliatan..hehhee

3. Would you date 20?
hahhahahhaa......mau..mau...kn kya cwo..hehhehe...peace...

4. Have you ever seen 8 cry?
gak euy...eh,,lupa ahh..ga tau...

5. Would 3 and 13 make a good couple?

6. Describe 9.
imut2 badannya,,,pinter...anak IMA..tempat curhat ttg si ***..hehhe

7. Do you like 16?
iya lahhh..kan CT gw..hahhaha

8. Do you think 5 is attractive?
hmmm,,iyah sihh,,tp klo soal rambut..hmmmmm....hehhee

9. When was the last time you talked to 8?
tadi pagi..waktu mau buang sampahhh..

10. Would you ever date 10?
hahha,,,klo dia cwe,,jd gak lahh..

11. Where does 15 live?
di UNAI..ehehehheee

12. What’s the best thing about 21?
ade gw yang paling baik...

13. What would you like to tell 18 right now?
cew..miss u so much..

14. What is the best thing about 7?
rambutnya..like it..hehhee

15. Have you ever kissed 4?
whattt???sabeth??gak lahhh..hahahha...

16. What's the best memory you have of 3?
waktu brantem gara2 kalkulator..huahahhaha..

17. When's the next time you're going to see 12?
besok..pas kelas MPP..

18. Is 18 pretty/hansome?
iyalaahh..cwe gw gituu...

19. What was your first impression of 17?
haaaa...mirip banget..ma gwe..hahhahhaha

20. Is 13 your best friend?
iya donkkkzz....

21. Have you seen 16 in the last month?
gak,,dy kn jauuhh banget,,,

22. When was the last time you saw 14?
duuhh,,kpn yah,,dah lama bgt,,,lupa euy..hehhee

23. Have you been to 21's house?
iyalahhh,,kn satu rumahh..

24. When is the next time you'll see 10?
bsk pagi..pas mkn dining..

25. Are you really close to 15?
hmmm,,,gak jg sh,,tp aku selalu mengingatmu kq..hehhehe..

26. Would you give 19 a hug?
yah,,yahh,,,dy kn beep Q...

27. Have you ever been to 11's house
hahha,,org rumahnya di unai..pasti udah,,,

28. Do you know a secret about 5?
gak sihh,,,

29. Describe the relationship between 17 and 19?
mrk ja gak pernah ketemu,,,,

30. What's your friendship like with 7?
kaya air..suka ada gelombangnya..hehehe

31. Have you ever danced with 17?
gak..gw gak suka dance...

32. How do you know 21?
ade gw..pasti tau lah....

33. Does 2 have a boyfriend?
udaaahhh dnk...

34. Have you ever wanted to punch 6 in the face?
gak lah,,anak kmr gw yg paling baik..hehhee

35. Has 11 met your mother?
hmm,,itu mah sering bgt ketemu mam simbolon..hehhee

36. Have you traveled anywhere with 12?
blm.paling jauh cm ke terminal...

37. If you gave 15 $100, what would she/ he spend it on?
hmmm.ga tau,,blm pernah ngasih segitu sh,,hehhe

38. What's your best memory of 19?
pas dia nyanyi lagu peterpan yg "semua tentang kita" ama waktu jadian dpn kls 3 ipa tgl 18 Mei 2004

39. What is the one thing you most want 12 to know?
isi hati gw yang lg menyedihkan inii...hahhaa

40. What was the last thing you did with 9?

41. When did you meet 20?
waktu dia jadian ma ichad..hehhehehe...

42. What do you wish for number 06?
tambah gendut..hahhahhahaa

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