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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Know You’re All I Ever Need

U’re all I ever need
When I gave my heart to u,
When I claimed u as a special one for me,,
I found happiness
I found peace of mind
My heart just started to sing
Then the song just kept getting bigger
I need u like flowers need the sunshine
I need u like trees need the rain
I need u more now than ever
Looking for u most any moment
Hoping to meet u in the morning
You makes me feel good
Cz u understands each lonely heartache
Cz u lifts me up when I am shingking
Cz u understand and always care
That the world didn’t give it to me
My love , my life , my all , I pledge u
N I know you’re all I ever need

Entah buat siapa dulu puisi ini gw buat, Atau puisi ini ngambil dari mana, tapi mungkin inilah perasaan gw dulu..  Puisi ini ada di FB gw yang lama yang udah gak jelas keberadaannya.. dan puisi ini di buat tanggal May 27, 2010 at 2:22pm..

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