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Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Over Now

March 9, 2014 - 01.26pm

It has come to an end.
He asked me for ended this relationship.
What can I do?
He asked me to be friends,
then what can I do?
He said that. I have nothing to say.
I just can't believe it's over now..
Should I throw all this things?
or should I keep them..
should I waited him for one year? because He said so..
or should I find another guy?

I just can't imagine all this thinks..
what am I gonna do, without him now..
how is my feeling now..?
should I cry or laugh?
I just have nothing to do..
maybe I would be let it flow
and let everything happen..

No more kiss, No more Hug
No more story of us
No more your smile
No more fight
No more everything that I used to when we were together

It's Over Now

You, you turned and walked away
I didn't know what to say
I close my eyes to hide
The pain I felt inside
I could never understand
How love went out of hand
And now, there's nothing I can do

Though the feeling hasn't passed
Sad to say our love didn't last
Please don't ask me to pretend
Cause to know it's over

When I'm done forgetting you
You can say what you wanna do
Please don't ask me to pretend
Cause I know it's over now

Now, I'm left here all alone
A heart without a home
How will I ever find
The love I left behind
Once the days were ours to share
Now you don't even care
And there's still nothing I can do

Don't Say Goodbye..

Today I heard our favorite song on the radio
I closed my eyes and saw our first hello
And then I saw the time we fell in love in each others’ arms
I open my eyes and you were gone

Suddenly I realized how I love you so
And how I can’t survive without your love
Since the time we’d say goodbye
It’s hard for me to stay
How I wish you’d never go away

Don’t say goodbye
It’s hard to let you go
Tomorrow seems so far away for me to know
If you and I will always be in love forevermore
Don’t leave me with just memories
All alone
(All alone)

Today I read your letters
And waited for your call
I wondered if you think of me at all
Again I turned the radio on and heard our favorite song
And then I knew you’ll soon be coming home

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

I heard our favorite song on the radio
All alone

But you're just the best I ever had.. I wouldn't find someone like you.
because there will be no one like you.. 
You'll always be in my heart..


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