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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Welcome 24..

Thanks God for now I'm 24 yo.. :)
I've waited for that day.. February 25th,. Everytime I wish that I could get a miracle on that day.. But everything happen not as my will.
I don't wish too much. I just wish a miracle.. Is it to hard?
I don't ask for  a present.. I need a miracle..

There's so many problem happen in 23, so many tears fall down in 23,
Every time I fall, then I raised up again, I crid then smile
I disappointed and proud..
I hurt and healed..

I won't ask to much.. I will wait until that miracle comes to me..

But, Thank you for the 24, Thank you for blessing me..
Even though I always makes You disappointed,
I wanna be a better person.
I wanna be a blessing for others.
I wanna be a light for other which is in the dark with no hope..
I wanna be a happiness for all people around me..
I wanna be a daughter that can make them proud..
I wanna be a sister that they would love so much..
I wanna be a friend for those who needs someone beside them..

I'm 24, and I'm ready for all thing that would happen before me..
I would become much stronger than before to face anything..
I would not let them make me cry,
I would not let them take me down..
I would go stronger..

Welcome 24.. :) 

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