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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wahyu Haryadi "again"

Let me Tell you about someone. I posted think about Him before.
As I said , He is one of Country Manager on IBM.
He is married. He has a child.
I love to see Him at office. I always smile if we met accidentally, I just feel so happy to met Him.
At first, just few people know about this, but now my President Director knows about it.
And sice My Presdir is His bestfriend, then My Presdir told Him about me.
I just feel so embarrassed. I don't know what to do.
I guess all the people (hmmm, I mean people who knows Him) know about this story.
I'm His fans. Sometimes I ain't brave enough to see Him face to face.
Then some people help me to get his picture. Hahaha.. 

This photo take in the lift. 


Yups. That's Him. I have motivated by Him for going to the office.
I always try to do something so I can meet Him.
But when I see Him, I just can smile. I wish nothing from Him.
I want to be like Him, a country manager. but look so low profile.
He makes me want to bear up here.
Someday I'd say Him, that He has motivated me even He did nothing


  1. Salam.buat Wahyu Haryadi-nya ya mbak Gitche, dari teman SMP nya di SMP 256.

  2. Iyah mba,.. nanti di sanmpein salamnya.. :)

  3. I like the way you write about him . . .


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