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Monday, October 10, 2011

Letter For God

Dear : God

God .. I'm not asking things I dreamed of ..
I did not ask for a new phone ..
I'm not asking for a new man who loves me
I'm not asking a great job ..
actually, I'm not worthy to ask things like that ..
because I was more fortunate than others ..
There are many people who love me ..
it is more valuable than everything in this world ..

but God, this time I want to ask, not for me
but for him ..
God knows how his heart ..
God knows how his life ..
God knows what he needs ..
and I could not do anything for him,
So I just asked the Lord to help me
to help him find a better life ..
so that I can make him feel loved and noticed by others ..
Thank you Lord, for granting my prayer ..

Sincerly , Ur Daughter..

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