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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gebetan Baru

ternyata gini yahh,,rasanya jomblo..???hehh
(*berksan gak pernah jomblo...)
hmm,,sepi sihh,,tp harus dijalanin..
caranya buat ngilangin sepi yah cari kecengan baru..

at least, tmn smsan..hehehe
ada gak yah yg mau ama gw..
katanya #Kim Young Mee pasti dia mau kq samamu..

i wish,..hehhe..

God,. Please send me someone who will take care of me..
someone who willing to be my only one from now till the death seperate us..
someone who willing to make me the second and U the first..

I will not let him go anymore..

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