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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Best Friend, Right....??

They are my Friends In College..sometimes proud to have a friend like them,,
we faced many trouble and feel much joy..sometimes we fight each other..hate each other..but above all, i wish we would never forget about the joy we've share, smile we have and many good think about us.. I love U guys.....eventhough we have seperated just for to month, i already miss all the moment with u Guys...

<=This IS "Agnes Monalisa Elizabeth Simbolon"

This Is "Dian Sorta Hutabarat" =>

This Is "Ellyne Hutajulu" =>

This is "Elisabeth Mutiha LumbanTobing" =>

<= This Is "Fetty Samantha Isabella Veron"

This Is "Inggrid Adriani Malau" =>

This Is "Jojor Rumiris Batubara" =>

This is "Venessa Carolyn Silalahi" =>

<=This Is "Winda Novita Silalahi"

| SMILE,HUG For You All Guys                     |
| Suksess yaahhhh...!!                                      |

tak mudah untuk kita hadapi
perbedaan yang berarti
tak mudah untuk kita lewati
rintangan silih berganti

kau masih berdiri
kita masih di sini
tunjukkan pada dunia
arti sahabat

kau teman sejati
kita teman sejati
hadapilan dunia
genggam tanganku

tak mudah untuk kita sadari
saling mendengarkan hati
tak mudah untuk kita pahami
berbagi rasa di hati

kau adalah..
tempatku membagi kisahku
kau sempurna
jadi bagian hidupku
apapun kekuranganmu

Thx for being my friend until this time guys..
u are the best I ever had....


  1. Hihks..hiks..
    Miss u too all my bebh..
    Every tears and every smile that we shared,
    Every sadness and every happiness.
    I wish to have a time together again..
    Even just a day in a year but forever..
    I love u all.
    Thank u for making me feel real.

  2. hahahha....jadi pengen nangis baca commentnya bella... ^^

  3. really miss you all...
    agree with bella we must have 1 day in a year together but forever....
    my bebh plis leaving your time special for us..


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